Indie Is The Way

Image source: Indieyespls

The indie style in home d├ęcor is the newest and most fashionable. It frequently incorporates vintage or antique elements as well as items from various civilizations and time periods, which gives it an interesting look that's all your own! The one-of-a kind character will make you feel like nobody else on earth has anything quite like this room right now - I know i would love to see what other people think when they enter my space.

This page talks about how individuals can incorporate different types styles into their homes by using furniture pieces with bold colors along side more subtle hues; adding antiques instead modern designs (or vice versa); utilizing unique wall decorations such us paintings portraits photos.

You don't have to remodel and overhaul everything when you want to go indie style. The same thing that Vogue popularised in fashion works in indie decor as well: Buy one statement piece from a designer, let the rest be generic.

The main currents in indie interior design: